Testimonial Quotes


I look forward to my appointments with Dr Nixon.  Not only does she make my back and hip feel better, but I enjoy visiting with her and the staff.  They make me feel welcome.  Everyone shows that they are concerned about how you are feeling.  Please don’t ever change the way you treat your patients! Thank you again so much.

Sherry Ainsworth, Belton, Texas

After being told I couldn’t have children (after extensive infertility treatments, drugs and surgery) I sought Dr. Nixon’s care and advice as a last chance opportunity.  She told me that there were serious misalignments in my spine which were effecting the nerve supply to my reproductive organs.  She said there was no guarantee that the treatment would help me get pregnant…..However, after approximately 3 months of treatment (adjusting my spine and nutritional supplements), I found out I was pregnant! I do not think it would have happened without the treatment and nutritional support she provided!  Our Surprise baby boy is now 9 months old.

Kathleen Hoopengardner, Belton, Texas

Going to Dr. Nixon has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The day to day pain I was dealing with was interfering with so much more in my life than I realized.  The pain meds and anti-inflammatories were definitely not meant to be a long term option.  She has really helped me get back to my life! Thank you Dr. Nixon

Kerry King, Temple, Texas

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